2020 Winter Re-Set 

Detox. Mind Focus & Self Empowerment


England, UK  

A three day mind-body retreat to kickstart your New Year!

Includes an amazing mix of cleansing foods and nutritional supports combined with special mindful practices to bring clarity and focus to help you re-connect with your awesome self! This special retreat also includes self empowerment sessions to help you set your intentions and achieve your goals for the year ahead. 

The 3 days include:

  • Detox juices, tonics and nutritional supports 

  • Detox enhancing plant based foods 

  • Daily Yoga

  • Meditation and mindful practices

  • Breathwork and movement exercises 

  • Self empowerment coaching sessions 

  • Group ceremonies 

Everybody is welcome on this retreat! No prior experience or knowlegde of any of the activities is necessary. Whether you've done any of the above before or not, all will benefit in the same way


This is a small intimate retreat, so availability will be limited. That's better for you, because you will get lots of personal attention to the practices in your own little haven

We'll update you shortly with more information! Register for interest and we'll be sure to message you first!